The Races are Memora are very diverse.  Each one has its own culture and history that effects the way other Heroes of Memora interact with you and even how they may feel about you.

Make sure to choose one that you feel drawn to and know that  it really fits the way you want your Hero within Memora to be.  Please keep in mind we have high standards for our races in terms of make-up and costume with some that require approval before playing one.


Organizations are an important part of Memora. The structure within organizations and the choices made by those Heroes who participate in the organization help shape Memora into the world desired. Organizations very rarely, if ever, turn away some based on race. Investigate each one and determine which is the best fit for you as a Hero of Memora.


Orders are another aspect of being a hero within Memora. Joining one allows further refining and definition to the motivations and interests of the Heroes.  Look into each one and see what, if any, interests you as a Hero of Memora and meet others that share your values.


Here is where those who wish to reach for greater meaning aspire. The constellations in the sky carry more meaning than before. Those who are born under an Orison sometimes find that they gain strength from identifying with their archetypes. Orisons are exemplary of the greatest virtues of the Primordials. Born during the Age of Myth, they been instrumental in guiding Memora. Some strive towards the values that bring balance, serenity, understanding, and power to the world. Some can not help but bring conflict as they mirror those who define them. These Orisons represent the ideals upon which heroes are built. Those who exalt their chosen progeny of the Primordial, emulate them, seek their power, and through them, hope to elevate themselves. The Orisons are numerous, each with their own qualities, oaths, virtues, and vices. Those who choose to exalt an Orison find hidden power within them when their actions, thoughts, and ideals exemplify that for which their Orison stands. Moving through each Primordial cycle there are four Orisons, one from each of four Pantheons for a total of sixteen. These four Pantheons are Purity, Might, Eminence, and Wisdom.

The Pantheon of Purity

The Orisons within the Pantheon of Purity are among the most incorruptible powers in Creation. They embody that which is the essence of creation, dynamism, genesis, growth, passion, and untamed beauty. The Orisons within this Pantheon find a common purpose in preserving the balance of Memora. They seek to restore, explore, create, and purge that which does not belong in the Primal. Those who become supplicants to these Orisons find that many turn to them when seeking the truth of the world. This is the kind of understanding that can only be found with faith in the ideals present in beauty, compassion, creativity, and innocence. To exalt an Orison within the Pantheon of Purity is to purge that which seeks to subdue identity, purpose, virtue, or meaning from ones own being. Those on this journey find it to be a hard road, as Memora is full of strife, corruption, and pain. Heroes among their ranks find kinship in their ideals for a better Memora, free of these evils, and a helping hand to guide them.

The Pantheon of Might

The Orisons within the Pantheon of Might are among the strongest forces in Creation. They embody that which is the essence of battle, strength, valor, vigilance, and honor. The Orisons within this Pantheon find a common purpose in fighting for that which they care for. They seek to survive, guard against, hunt, and battle the forces that would destroy the Primal. Those who wish to become supplicants to them must exemplify this kind of strength, courage, and bravery necessary to win such a war. Many turn to those who exalt the Pantheon of Might for their strength, training, and protection. To exalt the Pantheon of Might is to expunge weakness from ones being. Those on this quest find it hard, for Memora is filled with doubt, frailty, suffering, and betrayal. Heroes among their ranks find kinship in the song of battle, being united as comrades in arms against the terrifying threats against Memora.

The Pantheon of Eminence

The Orisons from the Pantheon of Eminence are among the most elevated entities in Creation. They are formed of that which is the essence of nobility, status, wealth, and majesty. The Orisons within this Pantheon find a unifying principle in understanding the journey to greatness. They seek to exalt, lead, judge, and inspire the denizens of Memora to the great potential within. Those who wish to become servants to them must exemplify their purpose, command, discipline, and reverence to raise Memora from darkness. Naturally, many turn to those who exemplify the Pantheon of Eminence for their natural charisma, reliability and guidance in times of need. To exalt the Pantheon of Eminence is to hold oneself to higher requirements than those of others, and seek greatness from others in the process. Those on this path find it hard, for Memora is filled with treachery, lies, debasement, and squalor. Heroes among their ranks find kinship in their understanding that to rule, one must rule themselves with great will, and find unity in purpose to realize great potential.

The Pantheon of Wisdom

The Orisons within the Pantheon of Wisdom are among the most enlightened beings in Creation. They embody that which is the essence of understanding, knowledge, insight, vision, and unrivaled awareness. The Orisons within this Pantheon find a common purpose in guiding Memora through their near limitless sight. They seek to unearth, unravel, falsify, and discredit that which does not belong in the Primal. Many turn to followers of these Orisons for their obvious skill in discovering the nature of Memora, or themselves. Those who exalt this Pantheon seek to quiet their minds of deception, obfuscation, fear, or arrogance. To seek great understand begins with humility, a willingness to learn from ones mistakes, and an openness to strange answers that await them. Those who set upon this path for enlightenment may find it to be the hardest of the Pantheons to pursue, as knowledge never comes without a price. The world of Memora is filled with madness, damnation, hubris, and paradox. Heroes among their ranks find themselves among peers on the same journey for understanding, and those whom they may seek the same from them.

Age of Mystery : Historic Record

The Iron Circle

Gladiators, pit fighters and sport killers, this clan of hard as nails fighters has always been present even before the sun’s reawakening.  Despite the dark times and oppression of the Eclipsing Empire, all sought escape with drink and some with sport.  Fighting was always popular and many chose to participate or to place bets on these fights.  Those that did the fighting were considered to be made of Iron, or tougher stuff.  Their Ranks and standings were denoted by a circle, tattooed in plain sight.  Today, those of this circle refer to themselves as the Iron Circle and still run games for sport.

Runework Union

Members of the Runework Union are craftsmen that work with their hands, innovators, and theory makers.  These are the people that find themselves constantly fascinated by whatever new weapon or trinket with moving parts that they uncovered from the blasted landscape of our world. The Union are unrivaled rune crafters and mechanics. They are the engineers of our world. Pulleys, Levels and the whirling blades of death are their hallmark.

Steel Brotherhood

Warriors born, fists of the wasteland, defenders of the remains, they are a brotherhood of combatants. Marked by the scar, they all wear a black tattooed line across their left eye in remembrance of their founder. Some go so far as to actually scar themselves with the mark instead of the tattoo. They are protectors and bastions of the spirit of survival. They rose during the eclipse as defenders against what would become the horrors that spawned from the darkness.

Librarians of Lat Maro

Clinging to the lost scrolls and books of forgotten ages ten times over, they are the record keepers, the lore masters, and the delvers of language both written and spoken. You can find them pouring over some fragile parchment over and over looking for something that may have escaped them the last time. Bookworms perhaps, but they are not afraid to go out to seek the knowledge that is lost.

Children of Tor-ell

“I am Miranda Ironshadow, the first daughter and third child of Malak Ironshadow, the great-grandson of Tor-ell and Mina Ironshadow.  As you know, although we call ourselves ‘The Children of Tor-ell’ not every member is actually of the direct blood lineage.  In fact, we encourage those not necessarily of our blood but those who have found a bond with another person of any race to come and join us.  We find that two is better than one, and it is those who have found that bond that strengthens us and encourages us to even greater heights.  It is the commitment to someone else, that lifts us to those heights, as well as knowing there is always someone that has your back, either in battle, an argument, or just as we travel life’s bumpy road.”

Order of Alizarin

There are those that search and wonder at the things beneath our feet, in our blood, and ways long gone.  Some say there is an order of men and women who gather together to uncover these truths and commit them to records and libraries so they will ever be remembered.  The pathways of the Alizarin are many and so the order has divided itself so that one path does not reign dominant over the others.  The Red Alizarins will discover research and catalog the bloodlines as they hold the key of ancestral magic powers.  The Green Alizarins uncover the ways and arts lost in the past.  Melee, magical, arcane and other lost arts are uncovered and relearned through the diligence of the Green Alizarins.  Lastly are the Blue Alizarins who spend hours and hours combing through ruins, crypts and tombs uncovering the artifact of our past and sharing them with the peoples of today.

Crimson Cowl

“So you want to become a member of the Cowl? What do you have of value to offer? I’m not interested in your trinkets, I have better wares than that in my refuse bin. Information on the betrayal of a Clan leader? …Interesting.  Come back with the answer to who started the uprising and that will get your foot in the door for membership as well as that recipe you were asking about…at a discounted price.”

~Mr. Dante Greene, Scrivener of the Crimson Cowl

Members of the House of Crimson listen to the world around them, and use that information as not only a commodity to trade and sell, but as a defense against a rise of another powerful organization or group like the Eclipse Empire. The House of the Crimson Cowl considers itself the watchdog of the organizations and groups and often finds itself with a bad reputation for having exposed the treachery of powerful family or organization. Dealing in secrets is a dangerous endeavor and defenders are often needed as well as scholars and infiltrators.  The primary skills used throughout the clan are that of rogues, however merchants, warriors, and mages are still essential to their existence. This clan is not for the faint of heart. Adventure is often found acquiring the secret locations of powerful artifacts, uncovering the truth behind hidden agendas, and finding powerful substance recipes. The founding members of the group were masters of infiltration and will teach those most devoted to the House of the Crimson Cowl.

Fire and Sword Trade Caravel

“By the looks of your weapon you don’t know about the Fire and Sword Trade Caravel. Are you serious? No wonder you’re broke. Find any one of those folks for an honest price on your next weapon. You better have something to trade, even if it is a couple days of guard duty for one of their caravans.”

~ Seasoned member of the Hundred Hardened admonishing a new member.

This ultimate goal of this merchant house is reputation and power. Money to them is a consequence of improving their reputation as craftsmen and power is a result of their rapidly expanding influence. The quality of their products is good, and their prices are reasonable. Unlike other merchant houses the FSTC is dedicated to honestly and fairly trading in small and large communities alike. Anytime there is a dispute, it is handled as peaceably and smoothly as possible…when possible.


The Fractured are those that have no home to call their own. They are the wanderers and vagabonds and they fill the crevices that the organizations or groups do not fall to.  Whether because they don’t work within the structures set forth from organized groups or they just feel they don’t need the help.  Among the people that travel, however, they tend to be invaluable at certain times picking up bits of information here and there or odd trinkets found in whatever ruin they slept in the night before.