2 November 2014

Divilia skirted around the corner of the building. She kept to the shadows creeping along silently. She was determined to find some information about herself, and being in the town of Barishshire, there might have been some one here that had that information. Town was perhaps too loose of a term. It was a small group of buildings nestled in a slight crevasse alongside the cliff of Pichiante’. She peered into a window of a tavern. She could hear two people talking in hushed tones. She strained to hear, her wings fluttering nervously. Straining to hear she didn’t notice the box she stood on starting to give way. Her foot crashing through it she looked down then back up and through the window, the two men were gone. Turning around to leave with haste,  the two men were now standing there with their iron blades sliding free from their scabbards…

Tuatha 1

Everyone knows that you don’t disturb mushroom circles and that there are hidden gates that lead to the fugue. If you live near the edge of any of the remaining forests you might want to leave a gift on your doorstep or near the edge of your fire.  From the third Realm, the Fugue, the land of the Ever-changing, hails the Fairies. Unlike their distant cousins the Elderkin, the Fairies are not primal bound.  They are the walkers between the spheres. They can navigate the ways between the worlds of the Primal and the Fugue. They can be recognized by the wings that sprout from their backs. Some think that the Fairies are bound to the forests or are creatures of nature but they are far more than that. They are a mystery to some degree to their own minds. No one can say what the origins of the Fairies are. Though ageless on the Fugue, they sometimes decide to leave what they have among their peers for reasons unknown.

Required Makeup – A player must wear two of the following three elements as their Tuatha:

  • Elongated Pointy Ears
  • Wings
  • Horns

Other creative options must receive approval of the Campaign Committee before the character can be played.

Tuatha 4

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2 November 2014
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