The Manuscript

3 November 2014

The Sky on the descendant
Treacherous hands wrought treacherous deeds
The final offense now committed
The Dusk twisted in burial
The Eclipse now Eternal
For The Wretched Crown still wore
The puppets beneath did dance
Aloft the grave of the world
No Dawn would return
For six and hundred the successor beheld
Each lost of chin from neck to the Emperor
Not a claim to throne among blood
So a pillar of arms would make
The dishonored family now subject
With all their feet laid spoil
To the thumb of Emperor
Their eyes made bow
What Pacts be made
None but the dead whisper
All witness to debase
Likewise the remainder slaughtered
Not decadence was spared
Not pity was in share
For the Rule of Lucious the Abhorrent
Saw the Scar of World opened
Birthed a thousand horrors singing
Cacophonous in their chorus
Screams from the world now dying
Behold the clasped horns
For Generations their rule did claim
Beasts sighing of delight
Great pleasures in spoil
Like fruit the wells did rot
A hundred lost did not find
No mercy at the hand
A wasteland now their birthright
To homes made of bone and ash
Some not light did chain strangle
Put before the Empire guests
Sworn to make high pools to swell
Pitts of suffering did the royal bathe
At its arms did reach the Empire
Two Thirds at Legion on the Mountains
Generals with belly of teeth for ruin
Met hands from Dragon’s will
Asunder their shields from power still reckoned
Capes dipped in fear their humors now spent
The Masters of Scales, Elder, and True
The Mighty few would not bend
So across the Evil Song not heard
Would the land be saved
With Wells protect shone bright the wills
Small candles in a storm of Darkness
The Emperor on ear
Shook the earth with step
Did send forth his Unnamed Infernal
A being of Malice, Destruction, and Mockery
The Uncarnate Beast did descend
The candles all but snuffed
Blood, teeth, darkness, and damnation
Not to spare the mark on Calendar
So close was end but lost
Questions on wind did send
In Secret Emperor of troubled brow
For actions of few and brave did spare
Keys Forged and lost
Unknown hands to unknown corners
The Emperor did send his Greatest
None could produce but rumor and design
To execute the Masters then
Did Emperor set his arms
Their cursed names but echo
Words burned bright across pages lost

More than twenty generations did pass
Empire in prison of gold
Power spun into crowns of madness
Grievous to forgotten slights
Then long in silence
Torment those remembered
Awakened splendor far greater
The sleeping must desire
With dry voices haunted
Heros from the last generation
Dreamt of Celestial
Did set upon the Fugue
What roads untread
What mysteries forlorn
Woven from Primal did find
Answers deaf upon riddle
Did turn the world spun in mystery
Memora now at question
Revolt at corners and thirds
Within their was message
To each on ear
Did wish to renew
Give crown to the Crowned
Usurpers in company
Some at fault walked on blade
Mistaken of time and place
The Emperor showed no weakness
Their skins now cape flown
To the Concordant did meet and gave Council
Races in attendance some liberated
That on corners Memora would remember
The Emperors heart would beat final
In arms the patient did attend
Under the sky now stars
Witnessed by cheerful sign
Dared to hope the coming Dawn

And lo the brilliance found its home,
Across the land was bathed,
A hundred stars not as bright,
the Dawn returned a second time,
The Eclipsing Empire in its multitude
driven back in tide
their shadows turned to ash
A Dawn too majestic to behold
The worthy looked on
bore into their minds was the sight
clad in humors of battle

Awash in glory
No flags of nations stood on high
No bastions or heraldry mistook
Dust thick in cups did celebrate
The champions of ruin onward
Born into the waste
Moved to battle by tears
Dead was the generation beheld
To examine near at hand another story

3 November 2014
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