The Infernal Dampener.

17 November 2016

She was almost the same. Her mind was in there at least. Rufus looked at the workbench where the metal frame blinked to life. Tak sat upright.

“This is nice” Tak said, smiling at Rufus. Rufus quickly hugged her, relieved that the process had worked.

Rufus released her slowly smiling.“I’m glad you like it”, Rufus nodded.

“I am all shiny!.. Look what I can do!” Tak spun her legs and arms in directions they were previously unable to go. Rufus found it hard to contain his laughter. Tak had almost brought him to tears.

“Come Tak, we’ve got work to do..” Rufus gestured to other areas of the Runeforge.

As they approached the other end of the Runeforge they could see wild blue sparks flying in all directions. Maevyn peered back from behind her arc-goggles. Lifting the hammer once again she let it fall precisely on the forge once more. There was a loud burst of energy and more blue sparks flew about the workshop. Inside a pair of tongs, she raised a small brightly glowing shard of metal. It illuminated the entire room.

“How is it coming Maevyn?” asked Rufus, excited to see the work come to fruition.

“It’s almost complete. The hardest part was reverse engineering the schematics. Now that we have the frame complete, we can finally augment it correctly”, Maevyn spoke, turning the shard over on the forge.

Rufus turned to the other end of the Workshop. Ven, Alexander, Gilric, and Gordon were fine-tuning the last parts of the device. Ven had several nails sticking out from his teeth, he was holding them as he completed hammering down the testing frame. Alexander wiped what looked like black blood from the workspace and collected it in a jar. It made a strange hissing sound once it was within. The infernal portion of the schematic was hard to over-write, but Gilric had worked out a solution using Incarnism. Finally Gordon readied what looked like a massive lever, flipping it on, power surged through their workbench. Blue arcs of lightning danced around the object as it began to hum.

The Runemasters had been hard at work. Cedric, Chimalli, Eleuia, Gwen, Juniper, Kaida, Quickbean, Ryxzen, Seraphina, Silas, Soulgar, Thallin, Thorne, Toltecatl, and Ziroli had been spending day and night deciphering the schematic and reworking the formula. The Infernal Dampener had been one of the most challenging builds the Order had ever undertaken. Rufus had intermittently time-stopped in order to prevent disaster.

There was one final stage.

Rufus gathered the Runemasters around “We will likely face a challenge when we turn this on for the first time and calibrate it. The Runewakers will need to help us power it on. The Runewielders may have to fight any residual infernal manifestations from it. The Runespeakers may have to achieve communication with its designed sentience. The Runeworkers might have to constantly keep the thing from exploding, at least initially.”

Tak shifted in her armor, addressing the Runemasters, “once the Infernal Dampener is complete. This will be a weapon unlike any other in the war against Markus. It was specifically calibrated to affect his Infernal Arcanism implanted and woven into his armor. Based on the schematics, and the amount of time left, there would be very little option for him to design counter-measures.” Tak smiled at the Gathered Runemasters. She looked proud.

“Well done all!” Rufus raised a glass of mead to his fellow Runemasters. “I don’t know what’s ahead of us, and I don’t know how we’ll get there… but all of you make me proud to call myself a Runemaster!”.

17 November 2016

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