The Dead

2 November 2014

The Dead walk Memora. Shadowmaw saw fit to open up a way: Pan’s Way, and the Dead took it. Some say this occurred when the lost caravan turned the Shadowmaw and Brightgaze keys in the calendar in 113. It was at that time when Lilliana Devereux arrived in Drakes Well and heralded the coming of the Dead. Since then, they have increased in frequency and established a foothold on Memora. Their appearance in numbers struck a terrifying cord in many of the peoples of Memora. It led to many unkind introductions and hostile encounters. People were not prepared to see the dead rise. As a result, the Dead were shunned wherever they went. Many were destroyed out of ignorance, but many survived to join the Mother of Bones. She would go gather her people around a powerful well. She named it blood well and eventually a city would grow around it. This city, the Necropolis, would grow to stand as a testament to the power of the Dead and Lilliana would become a mother to all of her kind.

The Dead are found in a variety of forms. The Risen appear to be cadavers fresh from the coffin. The Rotting climb from the grave with decrepit flesh, reminding all of the decay of aging corpses. The Ravaged have been eaten by time, leaving nothing but bones and grinning skulls. The Restless are haunting figures, ghostly, and phantasmal, searching for peace in a world they desperately still feel. Each of these represent the different stages of decay and death. All of them are united in their strange condition and their hunger to exist.

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2 November 2014
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