The Caravel

17 September 2014

Also referred to as The Caravel Trade Company, it was formed from the some of the most adventurous hearts brave enough to dare the Wasteland. The Caravel has brought civilization, culture, and stability to a wild frontier fraught with danger. Not mere tradesmen or merchants, but a distinguished network of diplomats, travellers, crafters, and informants. Heroes seeking fame and fortune have found their cause funded by this organization. Few in fact have the resources to spread themselves so completely across Memora. Without them, recovering from thousands of years of darkness and the Epochs of the Primordials would have been impossible. Their cunning membership provides resources so desperately needed to keep the far reaches of the world moving. Following a code of ethics and system of honor, the Caravel serves as the infrastructure by which the Concordant Council relies upon to get things done. Those within the Caravel come from every background seeking to make a name for themselves. The Caravel’s reputation has made even the most nefarious of scoundrels, privateers, courtesans, bards, fixers, sell-swords, and made-men into heroes. All seek to join the Caravel’s highest ranks so that their names will be known far and wide. Heroes from the Caravel are known for their ability to adapt, manage resources, and leave with a legendary reputation.

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17 September 2014
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