Just over a century ago, the civilizations of Memora emerged from more than a millennium of horror. The sun returns ushering in the Age of Mysteries. Races reawaken from the darkness. Some are the same as they were thousands of years ago. Others have been twisted by the darkness. Others still are completely new to the world and struggle to find their place.

Age of Revelation Primer

The Manuscript

The Eversent recently discovered an ancient manuscript of the Crowned. The only part of the manuscript that remained well enough intact to read was a poem. The author penned this poem as a culmination of stories. Sages and scholars believe this poem was to preserve history in a way that could easily be told by word of mouth. Some think this manuscript holds a code which could reveal events yet to happen.

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The Dark Prophecy

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The Dark Prophecy Expanded

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The Prophecy of Light

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