2 November 2014

“We are the watchers of the world. We travel to see what the world has done and is doing.

Imagine if you would, the world is our puzzle and we must put it together.”

~ Valdrok of the Apaec, Preserver of the Cycle

These Saurians are a lizard-man race that follows a tribal society in nature. These creatures seem to be the least affected by the ever-changing world around them. They constantly seek new stories and lore to add to their great stones. Why? Because as far back as they can remember this is what they have done. The Saurian can be found almost anywhere due to their need to travel to find new information.

There are many tribes of the Saurian but the four major tribes are the Apaec, the Katal, the Si, and the Supay.

They can be recognized by their scaled skin that can be seen in the following colors: red, purple, or green base color and black scale color.

Saurian 2

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2 November 2014
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