2 November 2014

Uthark hefted his axe on his broad shoulder with the blood still sticky on the blade. As he took a deep breath the acidic smell of blood that hung in the air filled his nostrils. At his feet the wounded of both sides stirred groaning in anguish. He smiled revealing his large pronounced tusks angled at the sky. Soon the carrion eaters would come and his enemies and allies would feed them. “This is the way it must be.” He said quietly. With that he took a few trophies from the fallen. After collecting the survivors and himself they set out to find their next battle. “THE BLOOD ON MY HANDS IS THAT OF MY ENEMIES. THE FREEDOM I SHARE WITH MY BROTHERS, I PAY FOR WITH THIS BLOOD.”

From a brutal journey these warriors have emerged. They are a young race among the Strange. Born of the recent age of darkness, they are a twisted creation of the Eclipsing Empire. Malformed by experimentation and twisted magic, the Dreadtusk have no true home. They are the shock troops from a grim war.

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Untold amounts of blood were spilled and bones were bent and broken to the will of the Emperor as the creatures originated in slavery. After harrowing this existence, there is not a weak one among them. They have weathered war and tribulation beyond that of most races and they have conquered even their own kind to find freedom. They have a harsh appearance. Bearing twisted faces with scars and sharpened teeth. Their skin is a dull green or cool grey with darkened eyes while great tusks protrude from their lower jaws. The greatest among them decorate themselves with the teeth and horns of their greatest adversaries.

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2 November 2014
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