2 November 2014

Davis finished packing his rucksack. He was going to be gone for a few days and needed all the supplies he could carry. As a border enforcer it was his duty to keep the surrounding area safe for the few local families. He and a few others took turns going out in pairs. He was particularly adept at the job he was tasked to that night. He walked over to his wife. She was a beautiful pureblooded human with long dark hair. He brushed her hair to the side revealing her ivory skin and delicate features. He said his farewell to her. He leaned in and gently sank his fangs in to her soft flesh. He pulled away. His lips wet from the crimson blood. His wife smiled up at him as she wiped the stain from the corner of his mouth. "Be careful my husband." She said, as he turned to leave feeling her life force strengthening his own.

During the times of darkness man was on the decline. To save them, the leaders of five villages beseeched a local Vampire Lord to help. In return for his protection and powers they would serve as his vassals. In time this seemingly unthinkable relationship did indeed paid off. Some people remained human while others became vampires, but in the end the blood intermingled until they became their own race. The offspring still retain many of their human traits but have lived under the curse that their first lord passed on. His vassals did something they never had expected: they tempered his lust. Some say that it returned some of his humanity to him. Because of this they had communities where the Lith became guardians of the night. They even were allies against the Eclipsing Emperor.

They appear as any other human with the exception of slightly pale skin with light purple rings under their eyes along and long canine teeth.

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2 November 2014
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