Koranos and Adele, across Pandemonium

9 April 2015


Koranos gripped his staff tightly as the winds of the Fugue whipped his robe into animation. The stink of sulfur and the heat of forgotten chasms opened before him. It was difficult to hear amidst the roar of motion and screaming winds. The realm beyond touched the Dream, Fugue, and the Infernal. This was not a place for the blind. This was not the place for wanderers.


To his side, Adele beheld the dark paths before them. Perhaps this is what Rufus had meant by “being in the field instead of behind books”? The horizon was lit by white fire. The landscape was a tormented maze of onyx pathways. They had no rhyme or reason to the direction they took. This was Pandemonium. This was where Infernal Dreams were born.


“Koranos, surely you don’t think the answer is in there?” As Adele yelled the words over the wind, Koranos was already stepping forward onto the path. Despite his lack of vision, the Aldarin seemed to know the way. The advice of Luther Thade still rung in her ears. This was just the beginning. The signs were in place. There were those who would work to bring about the end. The Dark Prophecy was about to leap forward. Her desire to accompany the Grand Master Wayfarer was just as much about curiosity as it was fear for his safety. Adele picked up her feet and followed. Either Koranos did not hear her over the roaring winds, or he did not think it worth the reply.


While the two walked the twisted pathways, Koranos’ mind began to wander deeper. The Light of the Prophecy guided him. Though he could not see its illumination brightened his path. It was some small consolation. There was something dark, eternal, and terrible just beyond the veil of sanity. In the distance, he could feel it shifting in the darkness. Its size was beyond comprehension. A thousand wings, eyes, and urges of malice coiled and uncoiled in the great Abyss. It belonged to one creature.


“Pit-Tongue, Maeltyphonus, Fallen Leviathan of Fate” … Koranos uttered into the screeching winds. Adele could see the words form across his mouth. Koranos paused and turned to Adele “The Destroyer lays just beyond this realm, it is close, far too close…”. Adele squinted in disbelief, uncertain to what he was referring to. Her studies had touched briefly on the Fallen Leviathans and the Dark Prophecy only referred to them in some passages. “What does it mean?” she called out over the roar. “It means we don’t have much time, it means that Luther Thade was right! We need to return and inform the Concordant Circle. The Lorekeepers must journey into the Library again, we must know what is before us”.  As Koranos spoke, the winds roared ever louder as if to silence him. Koranos shifted his footing, and placed his hand on Adele’s shoulder. It was clear the Grand Master Wayfarer intended to take them back. Adele could sense his deep concentration. The winds howled in defiance, ripping Koranos’s blindfold from his face. His eyes became bloodshot. as if he was straining against the impossible. HIs mind became flooded with the screams on the wind. Koranos cried out, “I can’t do it! Something is stopping me!”.


Without hesitation Adele took Koranos by the arm, produced a scroll given to her by Mirelynn, and began to recite quickly. “What are you doing?” Koranos asked perplexed. “Playing my cards right, you didn’t think I wouldn’t come prepared!?”. As Adele spoke, the world around them shifted. Within moments, the two had completely disappeared. Flying wildly through the winds of Pandemonium Adele’s scroll eventually burned up. The last evidence of their passing was ash on the wind.


9 April 2015

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