2 November 2014

It was nearly mid-day. The trail was hot and the caravan was lost. Eleani looked about her and wondered if she had lead the expedition astray. How long had they been wandering in the wasteland? "You look lost "came a voice from a rocky outcropping. Eleani turned to face the voice. Her eyes strained against the bright sun directly behind the masculine figure. The voice stepped down slowly "Perhaps you’ve been blinded by pride?" Eleani realized that as the figure moved, he was still not revealed, forth brilliance behind them followed his every step. It wasn’t until he was standing directly before her that she could make outhits face. "I am Luc-Situs, perhaps I can help you, lost spirit, you’ve been dead and wandering this wasteland far too long, allow me to show you the way back to life".
~ "Eleani" a lost soul

The Ishann are the children of Father Spirit and the bearers of his will. These beings of Brightgaze walk in Father’s Spirits light and exemplify their father’s ideals. The Ishann personify vitality, preservation and hope. They represent the start of the cycle and its persistence until a natural end. They stand as a beacon of hope and protection carrying forth the tenants of their patriarch. With a calm and clarity born of patience, courage and hope, they embrace the day and the sun. With its light, life is sustained and things can grow and develop. Its warmth gives comfort just as Father Spirit does for the Ishann. The Ishann appear as humans except for the skin around their eyes and face bear a colored tint with markings indicating their ancestry to one of the first 5 children of Father Spirit. Each Ishann is the progeny of the first sons and daughter of Father Spirit. Each represents their founder’s ideals and qualities. These forms are reflections of the spirit of their creator: Brightgaze. The Sun gazes upon them, ever watchful, reminding them of their sorrow and hope, inspiring them to greatness. As Brightgaze has bestowed generous gifts upon them, they are able to walk Memora as other may, working to make their founders proud and further the will of Father Spirit.
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2 November 2014
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