Gore Beards

2 November 2014

Thoro ritually held out his wet hands to examine them. The blood looked black in the night on his arms and it glistened on his fingers. The body at his feet did not look human — at least not anymore. He had found the one he swore to kill. Thoro had tracked him for weeks on end. He believed the Shepherd had led him here.

He reached down and cupped his hands filling them with the blood of his foe. He held them up and spoke silent words while allowing it to run down his arms before pouring it over his own head. The bathing-of-blood was a celebratory act when vanquishing a foe that his people performed. This was not his first or his last.

The Gorebeards live and die by their code of the battlefield — only the strong bring victory. Honorable yet savage in combat, Gorebeards are a remarkable sight in battle. Master warriors, they favor any weapon that draws the most blood from its enemy, axes and bows are both weapons and tool as they primary trades are lumbering and hunting.

Gorebeard 3

Of all the beardedfolk, the Gorebeards are said to be the most formidable in a fight. Blunt and rash at times, the Gorebeards enjoy a friendly fight and the thrill of the hunt amongst their peers.

Gorebeards are identified by their long blood red beards. These beards sometimes braided with bits of bone often cover countless scars. In additional to the occasional scar, Gorebeards adorned with gray tattoos marking their accomplishments such as their first kill in a hunt. Their clothing consists of furs, leathers of animals around the area and armor made of steel. Females have two white breads in their hair.
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2 November 2014
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