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Free the Chillsworn (Jan 2016 event)
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    Caravan, I wish to discuss an urgent issue with you.
    For those of you who may not know, the Chillsworn people have long been held prisoner by the Frostbeards in the Frozen Fingers. With the turning of the Calendar to Grimfrost, we now have a unique opportunity to correct this wrong doing.
    I have managed to obtain the key to the gates that will open the paths of walking to the North. Only this key will allow the gates to be open, and only I know where the key is currently being kept. So here is our opportunity to take control…
    We call ourselves a caravan of Heroes. This is our chance to prove that.
    Gwen, I know this issue touches your heart as closely as it does my own. I have no doubt I can count on your support, but there are others in the caravan who rightly do not share this conviction.
    Fellow Elderkin, I ask you to look towards the Chillsworn now, as family. Borogroves, Rembrandt, and Jannai I look to you as our closet Elderkin relatives to help educate others, and show them the importance of this cause.
    Bearded folk, I ask for you to stand with us as well. If we can show the Frostbeards the bond and alliance our two races have within this caravan, they may be swayed more easily, and violence more likely avoided. Crimson Aegis, Tilda, Soulgar, Gemma, Pavo, Gil… please stand with us as equals.
    Concordant Circle, please look at this issue and discuss. This affects us all.
    Over the last few month Kaeda and I managed to speak with the spirit of the First holder of the Grimfrost blade, Glacius Frosthammar. He confided in us, that until the Chillsworn are free from this slavery, and the Grimfrost races are back in balance, the Grimfrost blade itself can never truly be awakened. This tool could be paramount to the final defeat of Marcus the Vile… So whether this cause touches your heart or not, this alone should motivate you.
    I beg of you, help me in this mission. It is my intent that is can be a mission without violence…. but alas this is the caravan, and these are violent times we live in.
    I will not ask you to take up arms for this cause… All I ask is your support in this endeavor.

Free the Chillsworn (Jan 2016 event)
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