2 November 2014

She looked down on the mercenary; blood caked his face from the wound he had taken across his eye. It would be lost to him. He stared up at her through his blurred vision. He half smiled and sighed contently. She knew that her presence was comforting to him. She pushed the matted hair to the side of his face whispered to him” Rest easy now. All will be well.” He calmed at her words. Like some many times before, the Eversent’s words soothed him in an almost mystical way. She picked up her battered shield and placed her worn helm upon her head then hefted her heavy axe and left. Her brother in arms would not have been struck down in vein. She trudged back in to the fray.

The Eversent are said to be the first among the elves. They are marked by joy and an eternal youthfulness. Compassionate and wise, they seem to sparkle with green or blue twinkling light. Sometimes their eyes are adorned with a light blue or green hue.

Eversent 1

The Eversent have a talent for bringing peace where they go. Perhaps it’s because their presence seems to cause celebration. Like laughter, the Eversent seem to cheer even the weariest of hearts.

The Eversent have been said to be the most like their cousins the Fae than any of the Elderkin. The light green sometimes seen around their eyes and lips and in a strange decorative pattern typically sparkle. This is more common in the women than the men, but they are all marked by the Elderkin grace and youthfulness. The Eversent exemplify this with the way they carry themselves. Eversent males sometimes have little to no markings. It is said that is because Everbreath favors the women of their race more. Perhaps it is because Everbreath is a nurturing entity.
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2 November 2014
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