2 November 2014

Sebastian wiped the sweat from his brow. The sparing session was a good work out today. He and the others that gathered on the low plateau had all demonstrated their skill admirably today. He looked around. Many of his kind had come together; even a few from another race or two. He always liked competing with the Gorebeards. They would hear about these gatherings and attend en masse. Pitting his skill against their unfocused but dangerous aggression was always an interesting task. He could admire the passion with which they fought. Never backing down from a challenge, either mentally or physically, much like his own race was a trait he liked. He picked up his sword as another came over nodding to acknowledge the next spar.
The Emberheart embody the tireless dedication of elves. Proud and deliberate, and always up for a challenge, the Emberheart never fail to stand up for what they believe to be right. Emberheart are master swordsmen, archers, and warriors. They prefer clear and direct enemies and open and honorable combat.
Emberheart 2
Their wrath is hard to match. The fire that fuels their valiant nature sometimes makes them merciless killers. Emberheart are also some of the most passionate of The Elder Kin. They sometimes have a hard time hiding their feelings. Bold and true, the Emberheart light the world with their vitality. They are adorned with red or yellow markings.

The Emberheart are among the only Elderkin to bear striking red markings across their face. The markings the Emberheart are born with are natural patterns. Like other Elderkin they have delicate pointed ears and sometimes adorned with piercings or jewelry. Typically, the Emberheart do not wear more than a simple goatee or mustache. The Emberheart usually are of natural skin colors; though some seem to have a perpetual tan.

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2 November 2014
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