Deep Beards

2 November 2014

Durgo looked down at the box that sat in his hands. He turned it slowly over again and again. Listening intently for any tell tale signs of what may lie within. No shifting inside and no tinkling of small vials clinking together. There were several holes all around the box in different areas no bigger than a ΒΌ inch. He sat the box down and unrolled an oiled leather cloth revealing a multitude of tools. He ran his stubby fingers across them not looking still staring at the box. Durgo picked a small metal rod just big enough to fit into one of the holes. He delicately slid the rod into the hole. He winced as it went further and further in until it stopped, and the end of it was resting against the opposite side of the box. He sighed and picked up another rod…

An always-resourceful people, the Deepbeards spend their time tinkering in their halls deep in the hills all around the lands. What might seem like a simple home built into the side of a hill may extend hundreds of feet downwards cut through dirt and stone.

Deepbeard 2

Their homes are often cluttered with tools, but in their own system of what goes where, are more like workshops then living quarters. You can often see the dark smoke curling up from the metal vents dotting the areas that they inhabit. They are a private people that value their secrets just as much their gold. There is a saying among them: “People don’t have traps unless they have something to protect.” They are masters of metal-craft and clockwork and they have perfected the art of subtlety and precaution.

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2 November 2014
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