A Burden for One or the Responsibility of All

The Scarred, Allric, standing at the base of a mountain looks to the night sky and breaths in the crisp cold mountain air. His eyes focus on the brightest star in the sky. Allric straps his shield to his back and puts away his axe, Azure. He finds a hand hold on the jagged rock […]

21 May 2013

A letter from Master Woten Beil from the fifth turning in the year 111.

It was another turning, and yet, more had happened than could be summarized easily. Master Woten Beil did not anticipate the success of such an expedition. Perhaps this band of refugees, brothers in arms, wanderers, and pioneers could accomplish more with less. His quill found parchment as he began his report. The expedition to unlock […]

9 May 2012

The next turning…

Hope’s Well began to release it’s incredible power. With it, as if in a sigh of relief, began its natural hibernation. With the Well becoming gradually inactive it became time to move. Many had been refreshed by the short time of peace spent near the Well. Enough was gathered to make the dangerous trip across […]

9 May 2012

So it begins…

Hunger, filth, disease and corruption are just a few of the horrible things that can visit the refuges of the waste. This does not make them any less desirable to those that patron them. The townships, trade hubs and provincial stations have grown slowly in number since the sun has come up. This bleak scene […]

9 May 2012