Dagmar’s Hunt Part 4 – Three Fae walk into a bar…

Written by Ben Bell Standing in a darkened, barren waste of the Fugue, ripples and tears of the already thin layer between worlds had begun to appear. An eerie silence layered the wasteland of where four figures stood. “This looks like a spot where they would be doing rituals” Pox said to Dagmar. Dagmar looked […]

11 September 2014

Between a Mother and her Children

Written by Melanie Blake, Called once again to the Bone Spire from her dwelling within the Fen Bog, Amelia Blytwynn shifted uneasily in her wrought iron seat. The ivory gavel thudded heavily upon the old oak lectern, indicating that the third unscheduled meeting of the Mortis Council in as many days had begun. More of […]

8 September 2014

Dagmar’s Hunt Part 3 – You did what?

Part 3: You did what?! Written by Ben Bell and John Kazuo Morehead “Fellow descendants of the Shining Ones, I have invited you all to my realm to discuss a grave topic. If you have not heard the rumors already, let me confirm them for you. One of our greatest nemesis as a kind has […]

7 September 2014

Dagmar’s Hunt Part 2 – Desperate Measures

Part 2: Desperate Measures Written by Ben Bell and Briana Westmoreland In a still place, hidden from the world, there was a sudden crackling of power, as the barrier between that place and somewhere else was suddenly pierced. Pox and Dagmar stepped out of the Fugue and into the darkness. The faint sound of breathing […]

6 September 2014

Wayfarer Story

Written By Thomas Marshbanks and Spencer McGhin “Safe Travel and Safe Paths, I walk the road alone. I go forward and step soundly into the unknown.” The three Wayfarers took their seats around the great wooden table that occupied most of the stone chamber that was commonly referred to as the Castra D’Fortis. Sochari Ri’mor, […]

23 August 2014

Dagmar’s Hunt Part 1 – Dinner and Desert

Part 1: Dinner and Desert Written by Ben Bell and Briana Westmoreland Screams echoed through the forest as the Hearthbeard’s flesh boiled and seared from the fire below him as he rotated, rotisserie style. His beard and hair had long been long burnt away, and his body convulsed as his spirit finally released from his […]

18 August 2014

Loose Ends

…As recounted by young Weston Grimalt, son of Barnhaldt Grimalt, Justicar of the Third Watch, Rosado Moonlight pierced through the cracks of the floorboards in the intake room of the old Templar outpost, its rays stagnant and permeated with dust as old as the building itself. Beneath the old timbers, the young boy Weston’s breathing […]

21 July 2014

A Moment of Inspiration

Autumn Sai returned to her work bench and began cleaning each of her tools. The gems were difficult to cut tonight. Many flaws caused her to discard more than she wanted. The warm firelight caused them all to sparkle and glow. In her presence, this phenomenon seemed amplified. As she moved her fingers over their […]

13 February 2014

Your Dream Opens a way through the Rift…

The great wooden door to the Pickled Kraken swung slowly open, the light from the Dreamwalker’s staff illuminating the pallid faces of the tavern’s inhabitants as it broke the threshold. Great gusts of Grimfrost’s frigid air rushed in, outlining the skulking frame of the new guest and causing what little light there was in the […]

16 January 2014