Divinations and Decisions Embercrown 414

Written By Melanie Blake  It was a busy night in Entros, Dead and Lith carrying out their business on a street just outside of the Fen Bog. A hooded ravaged approached a quiet looking Inn, her long, black coat trailing behind her. The Inn door creaked as it closed behind Lilliana. She approached the innkeeper, […]

29 November 2014

Epilogue of the Last Turning of Darkhollow 414

Written by Mckell McIntyre & Darrin Myers A stillness followed the rain and cold set in. Puddles quietly danced mixing with the blood of the fallen. The trees and hills showed little sign of the changing world. It still seemed like the Memora of old. But how could it be? Something beautiful had been ripped […]

26 November 2014

A Request is Sent…

Written By Anita L With a quick glance to the rising sun over the hills, the figure in the bed rises and begins to ponder the day before him.  He reaches for his tunic as he carefully brushes it off he inspects it for miniscule dust particles that might have clung to the deep weave […]

20 November 2014

Tohmio’s Trip

Written By Mckell McIntyre Coughs echoed the room as the smoke cleared. Tohmio covered his mouth momentarily to fend of the sulfurous stench. Tak simply blinked as her arcanomechanical breather hissed impatiently. She held the Prince of Magpies by her side who was presently bent in hacking agony. The view of the cavern opened up […]

20 November 2014

The Taking Continues

Written By Greg Tomaselli A crowned male wearing a mask approached the tall tower.  Its walls were wreathed in blue and white crystals that dripped crystalline blue drops and made from lengths of ice, faceted and beautiful.  The base of the tower revealed no portal by which to gain entry, but along it stood several […]

17 November 2014

Epilogue of the First Turning of Darkhollow 414

Written by Ben Bell and Mckell McIntyre “Standing in a circle on the outskirts of Snarg’s Fount, Lord Evergreen, The Cobbler, The Black Goat of the Woods, Pox, Jack of the Patch, Scrumrot, Jespar, Gorehowl, Dagmar and other various Lords of the Hunt convened, surrounded by dozens upon dozens of their kin. “In tradition with […]

25 October 2014

Hollow’s Eve

by: Spencer McGhin “Night boys,” proclaimed Finn Verlaine as, with a flourish of his woolen cap, he shimmied drunkenly out of his place at the large wooden table. It had been a good harvest that year and many of the men and women from Well Westbine had gathered at the small but cozy Tylwyth Inn […]

16 October 2014

Manifest Destiny

The wagon train rolled to a stop amid a cloud of trail dust. The lead wagon driver, a weary looking man wearing the emblem of the Caravel was overwhelmed by the sense of comparative silence unbroken by the plodding of beasts and the squeaking of axles. He took a look around at the small dark […]

14 October 2014

Dagmar’s Hunt Part 6 -Behind Enemy Lines

Part 6: Behind Enemy Lines Written by Ben Bell in collaboration with Timothy Frank As the Concordant Council’s meeting was drawing to a close in the dim lighting of candles, Edict leaned in and said to the Firstborn of Shadowmaw “We have Fomor among us.” The Firstborn, startled, said in a loud tone “Fomor are […]

13 October 2014

Dagmar’s Hunt Part 5 – Of Blood and Bone

Written by Ben Bell and Melanie Blake. The sentinels stood at the gate of the Necropolis, their unblinking gazes scanning the horizons. The sound of a great horn in the distance echoed over the desolate fields, which raised their alarm. As the sentinels gathered to their armaments, the blast of the great horn came again, […]

12 September 2014