Shackles of the Past

The Circum Mandatum was no longer there. Koranos surveyed the area keenly. It was almost just a memory. The winds of the Fugue danced about him with each thought. He leaned down to place his hands on the ground. Each of the Ukronos had departed. They had gone their separate ways. This Memora was strange. […]

12 May 2015

A knock at the Door…

He looked at the report again. It made no sense. How could they have made so much progress in such little time? Altan searched his notes. In all of his trips across the wasteland he had never received discoveries of this kind. This was big.   He turned the report over. On the back, in […]

13 April 2015

Koranos and Adele, across Pandemonium

  Koranos gripped his staff tightly as the winds of the Fugue whipped his robe into animation. The stink of sulfur and the heat of forgotten chasms opened before him. It was difficult to hear amidst the roar of motion and screaming winds. The realm beyond touched the Dream, Fugue, and the Infernal. This was […]

9 April 2015

Dangerous Times

As they trod toward the top of the hill where stood the entrance of that glistening, adamantine citadel, Thraygin unconsciously tightened his grip on the precious cargo he carried. Perhaps the sense of impending danger that plagued the Brotherhood was contagious? Even with an escort of four elite Gargoyles, he couldn’t shake his anxiety even […]

4 March 2015

The Library was Silent

The library was silent. She liked it that way. Things were in their place. Things didn’t bother her. Things didn’t lie to her. The tomes, books, grimoires, banks, scripts, scrolls, tablets, runes, and countless records offered more than simple wisdom. They had come to represent all the truths, desires, and visions of the world she […]

3 March 2015

A Snowy Evening

The dark of night was only interrupted by the falling of thick snow and the occasional sound of branches settling under the increasing weight they bore. Whose forest this was he thought he knew, but they were long gone and would not disturb his quiet work. The stone walls of the small non-descript building were […]

2 March 2015

At Perennem’s Well

Snow stood untouched as it blanketed the woods near to Perennem’s Well. A small crowd had gathered there. People attired in mixed colors, armor and robes. A figure emerged from a copse of trees where the air was still shimmering from the portal opening into the fugue. There was some grumbling from the crowd as […]

24 February 2015

Tak’s Gambit

The vault door groaned behind Tak under stress. Frantically, she readied the glove in her hand, it’s powerful glow illuminating her face in the dark. Her breath hissed from her Arcanomechanical breather, making small clouds in the cold chamber. Without Rufus it seemed so futile. His glove illuminated like a beacon of hope and memory. […]

4 February 2015

A Task for a Scholar…

A sense of mustiness of a time long ago permeate this study, furnished with a large desk covered in neatly stacked tomes surrounded by bookshelves travelling to the ceiling, the sound of books opening and closing with a thump are heard from one corner with a frantic scribbling following each sound.  A slight head can […]

3 February 2015

The Drakes take Flight.

All about them the Storm of the Primescape roared. Winds of lightning, fire, ice, and earth threatened to tear away at the fabric of their very patterns. Here, they were fragile, like the drawings from a book. The Primescape was the raw untamed power of potential. For the Concordant, who stood back to back against […]

2 February 2015