In Remembrance….

She carefully placed her small cup, a present from Simon for her wiggly worm, within the bag at her waist. Lost in her musings of the day, her inner glow seems to brighten as she grows more intent in her considerations. She always thought it was such fun to visit her friends at the Well. […]

16 November 2015

A Bargain to Be Kept….

Atherton Castemere stood packing his bags for a long journey. His apprentice, Jordan, had polished his weapons and armor dutifully and made sure all of his clothing was properly cleaned and pressed. His good friend Thomas had been keeping him company. Thomas was a member of the Hunter’s branch because of his skill in a […]

8 October 2015

A New Hunt

Mist rolled beneath his feet as he entered the darkened grove. The trees of this region of the Fugue were new and yet familiar. Silvius stopped and listened. He could smell them here. The black trees around him groaned under the darkness of Shadowmaw. The leaves laughing while crumbling to Darkhollow’s touch. It was time […]

5 October 2015

Through the Mist

“I owe everything to her…” Truer words had never been spoken. The Grandmaster of Aether, Walker of Time, Keeper of the Realms… He had spoken these words into the Mists of the Fugue. This was a curse, a life long pain that few remember. To walk the fugue, to walk with Lethe. To forget… it […]

5 October 2015

The Darkness Stirs

It stirred in Moonshadows hands. Many souls had been given to it. Power and will had awakened it. It now knew a single song, a single note, a single urge, and only one purpose. It knew hunger. It would be insatiable. It would be eternal. The blood and essence of a thousand souls ignited with […]

30 September 2015

Mina’s Story

The pain was the kind that overwhelms all of the senses. Her feet were sore and bleeding. Her lungs were on fire from the lack of oxygen as she wheezed and panted. Only minutes before she had been trying her best to make as little noise as possible, but that didn’t matter now. Mina knew […]

3 June 2015

The Festival of Fire

The Festival of Fire is performed to exalt the Aspects. It brings Glory to those who participate. The Orisons, the Primal Aspects, and the Celestial Aspects witness and recognize those who exalt Embercrown. Historically the Festival of Fire has been a time of tournament, challenges, demonstrations of strengths of will, character, and teamwork. This year […]

2 June 2015


Panic. First, the Well Guardian, then the town, but nothing surprised him. Following the attempted trap outside of Rosado, this was expected. Finding the right wayfarer, that was tricky. The Saurian Zephyr was ideal, for two reasons. First, he was a master Relic Walker, but more importantly, he had known things and seen things that […]

22 May 2015

Night has fallen and the Music starts playing…

Night had fallen and the music started to play. The room filled with patrons in another of Rosado’s filthy taverns. A fiddle strummed and the din of talking leveled out over the room. Near to the back, a table, just within the shadows and out of reach from the closest candlelight sat a man, reading […]

14 May 2015

Atop the Adamantine Temple

Atop the Adamantine Temple, in the Valley of Raeor-Don, there sits a single, spherical chamber. Within this Orrery, it is said that the very stars themselves lend their wisdom to the Excelscians of the Brotherhood of the Adamantine Temple, guiding their collective will in their ever-changing mission to protect the world of Memora. Once, the […]

13 May 2015