Council in the Library

Luther Thade was walking home after feast as he heard a familiar voice behind him.   “Luther” called Rufus, as he caught up to Luther on the path. Luther paused in his steps. For a moment he considered distant memories of abuse.   “Yes” Luther replied, smiling at Rufus approach.   “I need your help, […]

2 June 2016

In the Mercapolis

In the Mercapolis The gleam of metal generates a coppery sheen around the corners of the palatial bedroom as the flickering of the azure arcano-mechanical lighting illuminates and the flickering lights guide his way. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about hovering so high over Memora. He almost felt like he could feel the […]

31 May 2016

Behind Closed Doors

It is the late in the night and the Oracles have two visitors in their outer room at the other side of the door, awaiting a response to their inquiries… it is always about the questions. Glacia, the statuesque oracle is dressed in ice blue, watches her sisters protectively as she ponders the circumstances. She […]

24 May 2016

Torment in the Dark

  Shattering stone and falling glass echoed through the chamber. Blood mixed with smoke, bile, and the baleful white fire filling the room. Mutilated forms lay about the tiled floor still steaming with life. Markus breathed the pungent fragrance of violence and infernal power.   “Please, Lord Markus, stop this madness”… a dark robed figure […]

15 May 2016

Towers to Groves

Memora shook once more. For miles in all directions, across all lands a change could be felt. The sky began to change to a brilliant blue. Thousands of miles of wasteland became lush with life. The scar had long since closed. The Great tree of Memora now stood visible from any horizon.   Now, the […]

15 May 2016

The Chain

Kurush’s voice was low and ominous. “I will ask you again, who gave your instructions”. Only a whimper sounded in response. Though the questioned one’s mouth was wet with blood and saliva, the sticky whine reverberated in the small chamber. The room was quite sparse compared to what others might assume would be present in […]

25 February 2016

A Time to Mourn

The sounds of the bustling merchant city of Rosado provide a backdrop to this skyline of the occasional tall buildings, wooden clapboard taverns, pubs, and warehouses which line the streets. Farther down the road, the sounds of construction can be heard as the fire damage is still being repaired from the damages of the inferno […]

25 February 2016

A Mission of a Remarkable Nature

The small cabin is almost stifling warm and dark except for the glow from a fireplace flickering in the corner and a figure is hunched over a workbench in intent concentration. A layer of grit seems all over the room except for the workbench which is immaculate and there appears to be the part of […]

7 January 2016

Through the Eyes of Bough

The World Seed shook the earth as it erupted with verdant growth. All of those who were present ran from the ensuing storm of roots, vines, and foliage. Those who were slow, or unable to blink, found themselves engulfed and consumed by the powerful tree. Within mere seconds a wave of natural power shook Memora […]

29 December 2015

It is About Business

A fire roared in the dark, mantled fireplace casting shadows on the figure seated comfortably in a fine upholstered velvet chair. The monstrous fireplace illuminated rows upon rows of shelved reading material. A lantern glowing with the tell-tale blue light of arcamanum perched on a small table. The cerulean light picked out the fine silver […]

17 December 2015