The Battle for Memora

20 September 2016

This is a record of the key events of the Battle of Memora.  The reader is advised that while many details are included, the historical record may not be absolutely correct.  These are the events as best recorded by this historian.   Note that time itself seemed dilated during these events, and this record may not precisely match the correct chronological order of the actual events.  There are little to no records of the motivations or intentions of either side, other than the goal of absolute victory.   As for the merit or validity of the decisions made, that will be for history to decide.


The Opening Days


Destruction of Castle Mercari

This was the opening salvo of the war effort.   All was laid to waste.  A pit opened here.

Loss – Castle Mercari


Skirmish at Rhineholme

Scouted forces at Rhineholme – No battle engaged.


Battle of the ARXIS

Marcus’s war machines in the form of siege weapons sounded with tremendous fury and noise, bringing down the small walls and the defenses of Arxis.   Despite being tempered by the Runemasters efforts; the Merciless Legion was barely stopped by the Runemaster Interference.   Even though the Runemasters knew that the city could not be saved, it was important that they provided this interference as they needed to know the impact of their efforts.  Their efforts provided impact and diminished the operation of the siege weapons, but all Runemasters were lost.   The army continued to the north.

A Pit was created in Arxis.


Battle of the OLD PLAINS

Lorekeepers determined that this field was once a huge battlefield and it was laid with entrenchments.  Forces were able to hunker behind and hole up in these ruins as the Dread Legion advanced.  The 2 Princeps units dug in with the forces of Rothiem deployed as rearguard.   Tehyoqui and the Berserkers prepared to counter attack.  The Dread Legion cause tremendous fear and dread as they engaged.  The battle was unlike any expected when the infernal influence was unleashed.  The Convocation was able to contain most of this with a strike team, but no members of the Convocation team returned to tell the tale.   Captain Bloodcrest, leader of the Berserkers, was lost when he tackled the commanding captain of the Unfettered and thrust him into an open rift to the outer darkness. As the Berserkers and Tehyoqui armies attacked, a spectral host of Bloodletter warriors accompanied them.

Victory was had at great price.

Losses – Total loss of Dread Legion, 1 Unit Tehyoqui, 2-5 Princeps, 2-1 Princeps, Captain Bloodcrest


Grimfrost Gate

Destroyed by Rage Legion.   Pit Opened.

Loss – Grimfrost Gate


Skirmish at Marsh Deep

There was no resistance at this isolated location, and skirmishers destroyed the few locals there.


Skirmish at Bough’s Well

There was no resistance at the well, and skirmishers destroyed the few locals there.

Loss – Bough’s Well


Siege of Sanctuary

Raised to the ground by Legion of Hate.  Since the Legion of Hate ripped in, the city was unprepared.  Most Abnehmer and Org perished.  No pit was opened, the army pressed on the Dream Gate.


Dream Gate

Destroyed by Legion of Hate.   A pit was opened.

Loss – Dream Gate


Abyssal Barrier – Darkhollow

No attempt to influence the barrier.   An additional Pit formed.


Abyssal Barrier – Grimfrost

No attempt to influence the barrier.   An additional Pit formed.

Abyssal Barrier – Embercrown -  Hero action

Templar forces were hard pressed by many infernal and corrupted creatures. Templar 3 as well as Templar 1 persevered and pushed into the face of the enemy.  No one knows how they managed it, but the barrier was weakened in this process.  Templar 3 was overwhelmed and lost in the battle.

Tacticians 4-2 was engaged heavily and about to be overrun due to the presence of a pit nearby.  No one knows what happened, but a tremendous explosion suddenly erupted. As a result of the massive explosion, the barrier was weakened, but all of the 4-2 Tacticians were lost in the blast.

Hikaru Daichi forces were exhausted from their water landing, but pressed on bravely and were able to push deep into the barrier to provide cover for the upcoming raid by the Heroes. Unfortunately, the Hikaru Daichi losses were horrible.

The heroes arrived and found a pylon of infernal nature which was being driven by one of Marcus’s War machines.  They were able to disable this machine and weaken the barrier.

Losses – 4-2 Tacticians, Hikaru Daichi


Battle of the ECPLIPSING RUINS – Hero action

The Fury Legion spread out in a fit of destructive energy.  The Princeps forces attempted to draw as many forces as possible to them and inflict losses as they could, but they were overwhelmed.  Not a trooper among them turned and fled; they died where they stood, each one stalwart and brave.  The Sanctuary forces were being hard pressed but they continued to push. The Disavowed attempted a stealthy blow from surprise.

The Heroes choose to strike at the enemy forces directly, and hope that the valiant Sanctuary forces could hold on.  The Heroes inflicted heavy losses, and the battle was won. The complete Forces of Sanctuary were lost.  The remaining forces backed off for their next moves.

Losses – 2-2 Princeps, 2-3 Princeps, Sanctuary


Abyssal Barrier – Everbreath – Hero action

Templar forces joined forces with the 2-4 Princeps.   Though the battle was difficult and brutal, they were able to damage the barrier.  The 2-4 princeps unit was decimated as a result.

Forces from Rosado, with help from Topaz, were able to disable a significant section of the barrier.

Ferun Vuenta forces arrived after a force march and were able to push deep into the barrier to provide cover for the upcoming raid by the Heroes, but they were lost in the action.

The Heroes arrived to find the Barrier under serious attack.  They were able to remove most of the infernal power cores, and at their moment of victory when all seemed certain, Remy arrived.  He was far too powerful for the Heroes having falling completely to abyssal influence, but still belonging to the prime.   He cut down many of the heroes, and moved Topaz to the heart of the pylon just as it exploded.  Topaz died in this explosion.

Losses – 2-4 Pinceps, Ferun Vuenta, Topaz



The Middle Days


Abyssal Barrier – Darkhollow – Hero action

The Heroes launched another attack on the barrier at Darkhollow.  They desperately needed to lower its infernal influence on the prime.   Having become very proficient at dismantling the power cores, they were quickly able to destroy a pylon.  The Darkhollow barrier had grown so powerful, it was hard to determine if any effect was had at that time.


Battle of Rhineholme – Hero action

The Rage Legion, under the influence of the Hellbound, assaulted the frozen city of Rhineholme.  As the army approach, the sorcerous workings of the Hellbound caused the temperature to rise to a blistering heat, unheard of for the area.   The Convocation strike force sent to face the Hellbound knew their task was a suicide run, but they faced the task bravely.  As the Convocation members braced to attack, they realized that their invulnerability to possession did not also protect the citizens of Rhineholme.  All those under the command of Mopsy, master Sewn Convoker, died screaming on the weapons of the defenders turned against them by the Hellbound.   The other city forces watched helplessly as Markus’s War Machines went into action as massive infernal ballistae fired harpoons that penetrated the zone.  As the harpoon stuck, the back of the chains were cast into a small rift, and the walls were pulled outward and fell.  The runemaster forces realized the severity of this, and managed to chop loose many other harpoons as they struck, but it was not enough.  The 1-6 Berserkers charged without hesitation from the now opened walls.  They took a good many of the enemy with them, but they perished in the charge.

The Hellbound prepared a huge infernal working, and readied their next move.

The Heroes arrived to attempt to relieve the beleaguered city, and focus their efforts on the Hellbound contingent.  The Hellbound were undone in a great battle in which often the infernal dominion of the Hellbound took over the minds of many of the Heroes.   As the Hellbound finally fell, the Taken arrived on the field of battle and wrought great destruction before he was laid low by the daggers of the Convocation.

Loss of 1-6 B, Rhineholme, Mopsy


Abyssal Barrier – Darkhollow

Mok Vellum, Yuan Lung

Initially this battle was engaged with these forces at great range, but the battle drove them toward Mok Vellum.  The greatly increased barrier strength made their situation dire.  The forces of Mok Vellum, in desperation, engaged their city’s last defense, dropping dozens of miles of coast region, including their city, into the sea.   The Army of Yuan Lung was washed into the ocean with few survivors.

It was reported that many of the mokmein simply laughed as their city washed into the sea, and they clearly pitied those that did not understand the joke.

The barrier was damaged.

Loss of Yuan Lung


Abyssal Barrier – Darkhollow

Templar forces 1 and 2, fresh from battle with no rest walked into the barrier.  They had become proficient in number of ways to topple the obelisks, but the pressure was immense due to the growing barrier.  The strong Barrier was barely weakened at great cost, and Templar 1 was lost.

Losses – Templar 1


Second Battle of Eclipsing Ruins

The rallied forces of the Iron Legion approached the 1-1 Berserkers, 3-1 Disavowed, 2-4 Princeps.  They had begun to adopt the new integrated fighting tactics of the Iron Legion.  They had expected the Fury Legion to be diminished and this be a mop-up action.  To their surprise, the Legion had been bolstered by many more corrupted and infernal forces.  The Iron Legion was initially surprised, but recovered as a fierce battle erupted, and once again the Eclipsing Ruins ran red with blood.

Loss – 1-1 B, 3-1 D, all remaining Dread Legion.


Battle of Snarg’s/Hope’s Font

The quickly constituted Marauder Army came almost out of nowhere to attack the apparently undefended font.   As the forces closed in to corrupt the font,  a massive winged shape menacingly rose , partially gold and yellow, mixed with inky blackness.  The winged form of merged Dream and Shadow, Tenebris, burst upon the army from above scattering the Unfettered Forces.  Across the font could be heard the cry “I am Death”.

Loss – 1 Unfettered force


Battle of the Remains of the Dream Gate

The teleporting forces of 3-2 Disavowed, as well as the forces of Rosado arrive and clipped off the last of the Unfettered forces as the passed into the rift. They failed in their primary mission to slow the Hate Legion, but did inflict some damage.

Loss 1 – Unfettered


Battle of Carzen Lake

The Merciless Legion adopted a most unusual plan of attack.   Instead of being simple ambushed, it turned east and advanced across the lake.   Infernals were called to aid the army, bolstering is numbers, as well as freezing the lake surface.  The Merciless Legion moved rapidly across the smooth surface of the lake.   Berserker Units 1-2 and 1-3 found themselves suddenly being counter charged.   They were on treacherous footing as they fought, and they casualties were higher than expected.  Master Woven of the Lorekeepers was nearby attempting to analyze the army for any details that would assist in the attack.   He was able to provide information on specific weaknesses of the infernals to nearby forces, but as he was disseminating this information his small research unit was overrun.  Master Woven perished in the battle.  The forces of Entros did not pursue out onto the ice, preferring to position themselves between the enemy and Entros, and were not destroyed.  Other forces found it difficult to engage the rapidly moving Unfettered, and the battle was indecisive.

Loss Berserker 1-2, 1-3


The Final Days


Abyssal Barrier – Darkhollow – Hero action

With the Darkhollow barrier greatly weakened, the heroes launched one final attempt to remove it.  They were successful, but it took longer than normal for the effects to recede from the prime.  Fortunately, they did just before the Battle of Entros began.


Closing the Dream Gate Pit – Hero Action

The Templars had discovered the Word that would give them the ability to cleanse and close Pits that had already been created.  Given that Pits were open infernal wounds to the outer darkness, this had previously been considered impossible.  There were so many recently created Pits, it was hard to determine which one to start with.  Under the leadership of the Templars, the Heroes journeyed to the Dream Gate and were able to complete the rituals to close the recently formed pit there.  The Gate itself was still destroyed, but at least it wasn’t an active Pit anymore.


Battle of the Bright Tree

After their defeat at Snarg’s / Hopes Font, the marauder army drove south.  Though this army wasn’t as organized, and lacked War Machine support, it was able to collect up additional roaming forces along the way swelling its ranks slightly.  The forces of Tehyoqui and the 2-4 Princeps arrived at the Bright Tree just as this enemy force arrived.   The Heroes’ hunch had paid off when they dispatched units to protect the tree. As the battle began, the fate of the tree looked to be in doubt.   The unfettered were hideously warped by their abyssal powers, and recovered from wounds that should have killed them even the day before.   The forces of Tehyoqui assaulted from the flank, but the unexpected resilience of the enemy caused their attack to stall, and they would soon be swarmed by the enemy.  Just at that moment, the Brightgaze Dryad emerged from the Celestial Ether, riding the back of the Brightgaze Drake Staccato, its brilliant white, silver, and gold scales glittering in the light of the setting sun.   The Iron Legion Captain Miralas Kolos of the Princeps signaled to the Dryad that she would lead her primarily defensive forces in the attack to rescue the trapped forces of Tehyoqui.   As the Princeps forces charged directly into the marauders, Staccato and the Dryad hammered the enemy with claws, teeth, and the magic of lumen.  As the battle ended, the Dryad was seen clapping her hands with glee as her and Staccato each healed many of the mortally wounded forces. They saved many of them from death.


Battle of Winged Death – Drakes Font

The Rage legion, fresh from their victory at Rhineholme, though leaderless, was still powerful.   Marcus the Vile did not want to miss his chance to attack the vulnerable eastern region ripe with wells and fonts for the taking.   He arranged for them to travel through rips in the prime directly to Drake’s Well, expecting a simple victory.  He was very wrong.

As the Rage Legion emerged at Drakes Font, a strange music filled the air.   The notes seemed to come directly from the Fugue, unearthly and mysterious.  The Drake Viator, burst up from the font and roared defiantly at the more than eight thousand unfettered facing him.  Freshly invigorated with tremendous energy Viator was ready for a fight, but it knew it would need help.   Viator reached out to its peer drakes at Hope’s Font and the city of Tehyoqui, the capital of the Xsawah.   Tenebris, drake of shadow and dream, as well as Quetzalcoatl, drake of all elements appeared through the fugue.  Together the three drakes circled about the army of unfettered and dove on them in attack after attack.   Unfettered died in the thousands.  Fire, Shadow, Ice, Madness, Earth, Confusion, and Air each in turn overtook all of the enemy.   Not a single unfettered was left alive under the relentless winged attacks.  Though the font was reduced to rubble in the exchange, its power was not diminished.  It could be rebuilt in time.   All of the drakes were badly hurt in the engagement, Viator the worst, but all would survive.   The attention and care provided to them over the years as well as recently provided energy enabled them to endure.   As the battle ended, a mournful dirge from nowhere sounded over the font, a haunting and lingering tune.


The Battle of Entros – Hero Action

Time itself stood still for the ultimate battle for the lands of Memora.  The Heroes had not yet heard of the results of other recent battles, but knew that the odds were too close to call at Entros.  The Heroes were weary from the last days of fighting, or was it week, or months.  Most of them had never felt so bone weary and tired, but they stood to do their duty.  They had summoned all of the forces they could to Entros, but the question of would it be enough to stop the enemy hung unspoken as they reviewed the world map.  Two independent armies faced them commanded by the Red Hand.  The Rage and Hate Legions had grown more powerful from the recent conflicts, ever evolving with infernal power.

At Entros, grimly the remaining forces of the Iron Legion, Captain Rakantu Sek of the Disavowed in command, stood to their posts. So few thousands remaining of their once vast force, despite the many times they had been resupplied and reequipped by the amazing resources of the Caravel.  The combined forces of the Dead cities of Entros and Arxis stood ready to defend their home, in what would be the very last stand for any of the Dead who fell.   As the defending forces surveyed what would soon become the killing fields around Entros, they realized they were outnumbered by more than two to one.

The remaining specialized forces the Concordant Council could provide arrived as the middle of night approached.

The Wayfarers were exhausted from trying to move troops for days, as well as these last forces to Entros.  Hour by hour, waywalking had become more and more dangerous and prone to error, but they never faltered or stopped their critical service.  Master Cedar himself almost collapsed from strain as he barely managed to bring the last group in safely.  No wayfarer had walked further or more frequently than he over the recent days.

The last Templar forces, weary from the days of war, the Empire Legionnaires under the command of the great Knight Arthenius arrived and took up the northern defense.  They were exhausted and worn from days of fighting at the Abyssal Barriers, but they were ready as always to do their duty.

The Runemasters led by Draegan the Key Maker arrived.   Draegan, well respected by the Dead stood by and supervised his teams as they quickly set up workstations and preparations to diminish the might of the enemy War Machines.    They knew that the Hate Legion had terrible machines that could crumble walls with infernal energy, and they had to be ready for additional capabilities that they had not yet seen from the Rage Legion.

The Lorekeeper contingent arrived with Luther Thade, all of his attitude focused on the battle, none of his energy wasted on his more typical commentary.   They brought tomes and scrolls filled with research on the enemy.  The previous loss of Master Woven still hung heavy on their minds, but they had come to settle accounts.

The Undying Lord stood ready to defend his ancient home; he would not allow Entros, the new home of the Dead, and once the capital of his own time to fall without his help.   Erie green light spilled in wisps and shadows from his form, and he adjusted his ever present hood as he prepared for battle.   As he waited, Cowl reconnaissance teams sent him reports of enemy movements.

A moment in time, frozen, across the field of battle, all the remaining martial forces of the world faced each other, and only one side would prevail.

A deafening sound rang across the land, one of unbridled Rage and unending Hate.  A sound never meant to be made or heard the in prime, one filled with unchecked infernal power, signaling the hosts to engage.   The dreadful War Machines roared at Entros, and all across its norther, eastern, and southern walls the battle was begun.  The population of the world had been so decimated, two out of three living beings left in the world were witness to this battle.  The defenders knew that this was the last stand.   They fought with magnificent determination in the face of unspeakable abyssal and infernal horrors.  Magic and might not seen for thousands of years were unleashed by both sides.

In the south, the forces were hard hit, but the terrain was rockier, so the forces of Entros were able to deal great damage to Rage Legion.  In the East, the Red Hand held back many of his forces as a reserve to see how the battle developed.  He had long range War Machines capable of catapulting infernal energy directly into Entros, as well as a large store of infernally infused boulders that could be unleashed in rapid succession.

Hardest hit was the North.  There the few Iron Legion and Templars assigned to that sector were greatly outnumbered despite all of the aid provided by the various factions.   Arthenius of the Templars and Captain Sek of the Iron Legion both could see how dire the situation was.  From on high, the Undying Lord rained fell magic down upon the Rage Legion attempting to overrun Arthenius and Sek’s forces, but it could not stop them all.  Each commander knew that they must hold to the last, and so they did.  They fell back to back, the last of their commands’ troops, they went down under a wave of pure abyssal magic.  With their loss, the North would inevitably fall.

Then clarion bell rang.  Even over the din of battle, the sound was crystal clear in every ear.  The sound of the bell of the Royal Court of the Dead.  This bell rung only when the Queen of the Dead was present.  As one, all of the forces of the Dead turned to the battlements of Entros, and there in all her dark glory, stood their Queen, Lilianna.  Standing protectively behind her, illuminated by the umbral radiance of her form, stood the Vampire Vaedryn.  The Queen raised her arms to the dark sky. Dark tendrils of magic, the very stuff of Shadowmaw herself embraced all of the forces of the dead, bolstering them and encouraging them.  The Dead of Entros were filled with strength and resolve from the presence of their Queen; they attacked with renewed fury.  In the North, the forms of the dead Templars and Iron Legionnaires as well as their lost leaders were also enveloped by this touch of the Dark Queen’s power.   Those fallen forces all began to stir as the magic infused their forms.  Each began to rise in place as Dead, but in this case with all of their previous memories and powers.   Few things could have made Captain Sek and Sir Arthenius more dangerous than they already were in life, but this was one of them.  The led their newly Dead forces directly into the heart of the battle in the North.

At this turning of the Battle, with a flash of light the Heroes appeared to the east, between the eastern unfettered forces and their great Warmachine.  At this event, with a nod to Queen Lilianna, Vaedryn disappeared in a blink of shadows to his chosen dangerous task.  He would attempt to distract Remy the Destroyer and prevent him for engaging the Heroes at this critical moment.  The Heroes saw their chance to strike at the Red Hand, and fought their way through a series of palisades and gates to get to his command area.  The Heroes of the Iron Legion formed assault wedges to charge up the steep ramps to the platforms where the War Machines rained down destruction.  Each platform in turn was suppressed, and its engine turned to fire at the palisades protecting the heart of the Red Hand’s camp.   Other engines hurled gigantic boulders of infernal energy directly into the Heroes, and often the forces of the Unfettered as well.   Other Heroes formed defensive walls to stop these deadly balls of destruction.  The palisades were destroyed in turn, and the Heroes charged into the compound of the enemy.

They found the Red Hand, General Corlian of the Unfettered waiting for them in a circle of infernal magic that they could not pass.  It didn’t occur to most of the Heroes that that circle was the thing keeping the Red Hand from infernally rending all of them into oblivion for the moment, and not the other way around.   The Red Hand did not seem daunted by the presence of the Heroes, but neither were they, and they gave as many verbal barbs as they received.   Suddenly, in a flash of bright light, General Fel appeared in his full Arch Seraphim form.  With a halo of bright energy, and huge wings upon his back, he loomed as large as the Red Hand.  The Heroes were witness to beings that had been at odds for over nine thousand years.  The leader of the Iron Legion was no mere mortal, but a celestial being with the power to confront the Red Hand.   The battle between the two was unlike any others the Heroes had seen.   Hellfire was answered with Consecration.  Sanctify was countered Immolation.  The two beings traded blows as the titanic figures they were.   All the while, the Heroes were aware of the chance to prove themselves to the Celestials and Orisons who were watching, and they were able to test themselves and earn enough power to convert the infernal shield to a trap which the Red Hand could not escape.  Arch Seraphim Fel was able to strike the Red Hand from General Corlian after a tremendous struggle, but this act cost him his life.  A life he gave gladly that the mortal Heroes would have a chance to defeat the Unfettered commander no longer empowered with the hand of the first abyssal.

General Corlian, now free of the bonds of the Red Hand, but still arrogant in his power challenged the Iron Legion to combat in front of the Banners of the Warscape.   Whoever won this fight would become the Master of War, and able to command the Warscape itself.   The Iron Legion was reserved, but knew that this was their only chance, and they must take it.   They stepped into the circle to face the Unfettered Commander.

As the inner battle commenced for the mastery of the Warscape, General Corlian called the thousands and thousands of remaining unfettered to aid him, and those Heroes not in the Iron Legion were forced to battle wave after wave attempting to render aid to their leader.  The exhausted Heroes fought wave after wave of the unfettered, and managed to keep the descending hordes at bay for a time.

The battle for the Warscape was brutal and painful for the Iron Legion, but they fought on and on.  Often driven to spirit form, they mustered their will and kept going.  The Lieutenants of the General Corlian, each shaped in a fashion after a principle of war were fearsome opponents, and General Corlian, even without the Red Hand, was still almost unstoppable.  After what seemed an eternity in the circle, the Lieutenants began to fall one by one, until only Corlian remained.   The Iron Legion sensed victory and swarmed Corlian, driving him to his knees and delivering the final blow.

As the Iron Legion stood triumphant and proclaimed themselves the Masters of War, they were able to marshal all the warriors of the warscape, each a memory of a warrior in a great battle from the history of Memora.   The Iron Legion released these warriors into the prime to swarm the Unfettered.   At the Battle of Entros, and all across Memora, wherever the Unfettered and corrupted infernal army remnants were, they were besieged by spectral forces from the warscape and destroyed.   The Heroes stood exhausted and triumphant.

Across the realm of Memora, the war was won.

But at what price, and had the Heroes done enough to stop the plans of Marcus the Vile?








People killed in the Battle for Memora

Note, these figures do not include casualties

Iron Legion Forces -  24,000+ lost

Berserker Units – 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-6

Princeps Units – 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5

Tacticians Units – 4-1, 4-2

City Forces – 12,000+ lost

Rhineholme, Sanctuary, Yuan Long, Hikaru Daichi, Ferun Vuenta, Rothiem, Teyhoqui-1, Entros-1

                  Cowl – 2 scouting units lost in the line of duty

                  Runemasters – 1 group lost in the line of duty

                  Convocation – 2 strike teams lost in the line of duty

                  Templars – 2 Empire Legionnaire units lost in the line of duty

                  Inhabitants of Sanctuary, all but wiped out by Unfettered – 1000+ citizens lost

                  Inhabitants of Rhineholme, possessed and kill by the Hellbound – 500+ citizens lost

                  Enslaved Unfettered Forces 45,000+

Most of which were captured and enslaved citizens of various places.



Locations destroyed

                  Fire Gate, Raised, Pit Created

                  Castle Mercari, Raised, Pit Created, most citizens escaped

                  Marshdeep, Raised, some citizens escaped

                  Arxis, Raised, Pit Created, all citizens escaped to Entros

                  City of Sanctuary, Raised – almost no survivors

City of Rhineholm, Raised – almost no survivors

City of Mok Velum, scuttled by defenders into the sea, all citizens escaped and laughed

Bough’s Well, Raised, few citizens escaped

Dream Gate, Raised, Destroyed.  Pit Formed, but later restored by the Templars

Grimfrost Gate, Raised, Destroyed.  Pit Formed

Heart of Night, Raised

Fugue Tree, Raised


Individuals of Note and their Fates

Captain Bloodcrest of the Berserkers, Iron Legion.  Died at the battle of Old Plains.  Tackled Captain of the Unfettered into an open rift to the outer darkness.

Topaz, Hero of Hadron’s Well and the Everbreath Tree.   Killed by Remy the Destroyer at the Everbreath Barrier

Mopsy, Master Absolver of the Convocation.   Killed by the Hellbound at the Battle of Rhineholme

Woven, Master of the Lorekeepers.  Killed at the Battle of Carzen Lake

Donovan Chenoweth (Chenny), Hero of the Caravan.  Killed by Silvermist in Wayfarer incident

Queen Lilianna, Queen of the Dead – Restored by Boon of Brightgaze Dryad

Captain Sek of the Disavowed, Iron Legion.  Died at the battle of Entros, Raised as a Dead by Lilianna

Sir Arthenius of the Templars.   Died at the battle of Entros, Raised as a Dead by Lilianna

Lord Vaedryn, Hand of Shadowmaw.  Severely injured by Remy the Destroyer during the Battle of Entros

The Red Hand, The First Abyssal.  Defeated by Arch Seraphim General Fel, Cast into the Outer Darkness forever, barred from any return.  Enforced permanently by Domain Combat loss to same.

Arch Seraphim General Fel, Iron General of the Iron Legion.  Died using his life force to remove the Red Hand from General Corlian of the Unfettered after defeating the Red Hand in Domain Combat.   Rumored to be awaiting eternal Judgement dependent upon the actions of the Heroes of Memora.

General Corlian of the Unfettered.  Killed in combat with the Warforged chapter of the Iron Legion


~ Jay L

20 September 2016

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