Delphexia – The Oracle

The eyes ever gazing toward the brightest of futures, she is the hope that swells upon the sight of the first fallen snow. Her domain lies over that which is new or soon to come. Every life walks the infinitely branching paths of infinite possible futures. The Oracle sees them all and some say she […]

30 December 2014

The Cowl

During the Age of Mystery, the Crimson Cowl was the central information hub for the Concordant Council and was an integral part in its operations against the movements and machinations of the Empire and Markus the Vile. They were held in such high regard that, in fact, they had their own representative and key holder. […]

20 December 2014

Sbo J’evets- The Merchant

The peal of the bell that puts hearts to racing as the market opens each day, he is the overseer and regulator of commerce itself. No trading of goods or services takes place outside of his knowledge, the honest are rewarded, the dishonest are punished. The flow of coin is the lifeblood of civilization and […]

5 November 2014

Gavel- The Judge

This Orison goes by many names, but the most common is Gavel and seems to have caught on the quickest. Other names tend to sync with certain peoples. For example, the elderkin tend to call him Sequor, the Bearded Folk; Onur. Many of the strange call him Mystrum and the Dead call him Vhast. The […]

5 November 2014