2 November 2014

Sedril couldn’t believe his eyes, above him, a piercing light cut through the veil. Had it been so long? Would they finally be free of their torment? Sedril could only bask in the glory that was the joy beyond. It promised so much, and yet was still so far away. Sedril ran into the dark reaching for his brothers and sisters. “Our time has come, my brothers and sisters, we will climb through the veil and into the light of Memora once again!’  His words were followed by a cacophony of laughter and song. Wicked hands lifted wicked instruments, because freedom always had a price. 

Called the Ankou after their savior, these strange Fae have learned hard lessons with the dark forces of Memora. Initially among the first to come into creation and leave the Fugue like their brothers the Tuatha, they met with tragedy. It cost them an eternity in darkness, suffering, and servitude to the darkest beings of the Low Fugue. Their story is one of determination, mercilessness, and cruelty. Without these qualities, the Ankou would have spent their eternity  under the yoke of Abyssals.

Ankou come in a variety of colors and shapes. They appear to be Tuatha at first glance, with horns, ears, tails, or wings adorning their form. However, they are notably different in that they are strangely colored and marked by some form of suffering. They typically have a portion of their face covered in skin that is white, black, purple, red, or grey. The other portion is marked by metallic hues be they bronze, silver, gold, or copper. Between these colored portions, scars of the opposing color either weep, dance, swirl, or pattern across the rest of their face. All of the Ankou possess horns, usually that are quite elaborate. Their appearance is believed to have been brought about by their servitude as miners in Pandemonium, and their subsequent time in Tenebrous. There are more uncommon markings, including but not limited to thorns protruding from the face, chains around the neck, or other strange adornments that speak of suffering. One thing is certain: No two Ankou are alike and none are easily confused for any other race.

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2 November 2014
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