2 November 2014

Walking to the end of the dark corridor, Kaltos came to a heavy door torn from its hinges. His eyes played over the tomes and ritual implements of the Infernal sorcerer’s workshop. As he scanned the room filled with sheaves of notes cataloguing research, his gaze settled upon the table.  It stood in a corner festooned with straps, chains, and wicked barbed coils. Alongside it was a smaller table covered in cruel instruments all too familiar to him.  Shaking off the moment of misery, Kaltos held up the oil lamp he had found along the way. Without hesitation he let it tumble from the constricting grasp of his tentacle arm. Turning away from that foul place and from his memories, the flames began to spread.

Perhaps the youngest race to walk the world, often called the Shunned or the Strangers, call themselves the Abnehmer.  Born during the last centuries of the Great Eclipse, their brief history is a tale full of misery, pain, and sadness.  The Abnehmer first began to appear a little more than 200 years prior to the return of the sun.  Human parents throughout the Empire were struck with horror as they found their new born child twisted and deformed.  Where there should have been a healthy arm instead was a tentacle of slick black and purple skin like that of an octopus or squid.  Many of the Abnehmer never survived past birth as their distraught parents drowned the infants or left them to die from exposure to the elements. Some however survived. The Abnehmar appear perfectly human with the stunning exception that one arm is in fact a slick purple tentacle.

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2 November 2014
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