Markus & Vishra: Chats through the Years

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21 November 2016

Memora on the edge..

All across Memora heroes stirred in their homes. The battle against the Unfettered had changed the shape of civilization. Few believed they had finally won. Many could not comprehend that the battle had not yet been truly won.Rumors drifted across the land that Markus the Vile had been defeated, and that the heroes of the ...
17 November 2016

The Infernal Dampener.

She was almost the same. Her mind was in there at least. Rufus looked at the workbench where the metal frame blinked to life. Tak sat upright. “This is nice” Tak said, smiling at Rufus. Rufus quickly hugged her, relieved that the process had worked. Rufus released her slowly smiling.“I’m glad you like it”, Rufus nodded. “I am ...
17 November 2016

The Silence of Regret

The long chambers emulated the erudite nature of the place that housed them; massive, intimidating but strangely functional. The Infinite Library was just that, infinite in the ways that one calculated space and eternal in the ways one weighed time. It was said all the knowledge of Memora was housed within its internal archives, and ...
17 November 2016

The Erl King Calls the Hunt

The Erl king read the letter once more, Your Grace, If it please and honor you, I seek to redeem my favor owed. As you may well know my wedding was attacked as Markus attempted the life of the Keeper. He failed, but as a result, murdered my father. An attack has been made upon ...
16 November 2016

The Battle for Memora

This is a record of the key events of the Battle of Memora.  The reader is advised that while many details are included, the historical record may not be absolutely correct.  These are the events as best recorded by this historian.   Note that time itself seemed dilated during these events, and this record may not ...
20 September 2016

The Power of the Winds

The beaming rays of the sun pierced her closed eyelids. It seemed only scant moments since she had laid her head down on her makeshift pile of semi-dried cracking leaves and brush that was her bed for the night. However, as she looked over at the rest of her scouting troop of ten who ...
15 September 2016

Let Slip the Dogs of War

Let Slip the Dogs of War The Red Hand, General Corlian of the Unfettered loomed over the gigantic terrain table that was Memora. The huge table dominated his command tent, and on it every army was represented in amazing detail. Behind him, the background behind him flew the Banner of Objective. Though ...
15 September 2016

I Stand with You

The Citadel of the Circle stood almost entirely empty for the first time in General Fel’s memory. All of the Iron Legion was deployed across the world, and even now opening skirmishes were beginning. The Iron General thoughtfully considered the history of this place. He remembered the first stone being placed. ...
15 September 2016

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